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German Lottery Broadcast uses Ventuz Multi-Touch Installation


German public broadcasters ARD and HR present lottery drawing results on a 103” Panasonic touch-screen.

As of July 6th 2013, the weekend lottery drawings of the German public broadcasters ARD and HR are no longer broadcast live. Instead, the lottery show presents the results about 30 minutes after the official drawing, using a 103” Panasonic screen that is equipped with a custom PrimeTouch multi-touch frame. The application running on this giant was created by our customers Incas Training und Projekte and Sonntagnacht GmbH, and proves yet again that Ventuz can be easily integrated into any given broadcast studio for live shows.
The Ventuz application receives the drawing results only minutes before the show and automatically updates the graphic templates. Great care is put into the data transmission’s security, and a flawless communication was an essential requirement for the new installation. The host of the show then uses the touch interface to select the different lotteries and present the results. 
For more information and Ventuz training offers, visit the Incas Training und Projekte website.
moderator in the studio in front of the LED screen