• visitors interacting with the GhosT-OLED touch graphics software

Lang AG Introduces New Technology with Ventuz Installation


At ISE 2016, Lang AG introduced their new GhosT-OLED display, a completely transparent interactive screen. The agency REALTIME DEPARTMENT was asked to create an installation to visualize the vast potential of this technology in a playful and informative manner. To achieve this goal, they chose Ventuz as their go-to real-time graphics software.

The installation concentrated on the innovative nature of Lang AG. The topic was a new building that Lang AG had recently built and expanded into. To highlight the main feature of the GhosT-LED display - its transparency - REALTIME DEPARTMENT placed a model of this building on a turntable behind the screen. The same building was displayed on the screen as a 3D model. Hotspots on the screen highlighted specific subdivisions. When touched, both the virtual and the actual model turned in sync to move the selected hotspot into the foreground. Additional information on the subdivision and the innovative technologies developed there were displayed as well.

Ventuz not only provided the real-time interactive content, but also controlled the bidirectional movement of the turntable. The result was that both models always moved in perfect sync, no matter whether the movement was triggered in the installation or by turning the physical model.

GhosT-OLED Display from Lang AG transparent GhosT-OLED Display from Lang AG transparent