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Projection mapping for Mongolia’s Naadam Festival created in Ventuz


NJ Design created a high-end Ventuz projection mapping project for Mongolia’s biggest national holiday.

The Naadam Festival is the most important event for the entire Mongolian country and celebrated annually on July 10-13. For this occasion, the Korean agency NJ Design created a sophisticated mapping project, which was projected onto the recently renovated Government Palace on Sükhbaatar Square in Ulaanbaatar. The 3D real-time graphics were powered by a Barco 26000 Beam projector. The size of the projection area was 130 by 32 meters.
The entire media project included mapping of videos and visual art, lasers, lighting and a DJ performance. With the large statue of Genghis Khan in the center of the building’s facade, naturally he was also incorporated into the content. 
Projection mapping on the Government Palace on Sükhbaatar Square in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia