Video Projection Mapping for IP summer festival


IP celebrates their customers with a classy evening event including a sophisticated projection mapping.


IP is the marketer of commercial airtime for the RTL Group, one of Europe’s largest broadcast networks. In their annual summer festival, IP honors their customers with an exquisite evening of dining and entertainment. This year, the highlight of the evening was a Ventuz projection mapping show that illuminated the RTL Group channels and their most popular programs.


The projection mapping was realized by STEINER Mediensysteme. A total of four Barco HD-20 projectors illuminated the facade of the Stallburg at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna with a total size of 360 square meters and a resolution of 3840x1080. The content was pre-produced in Adobe AfterEffects and imported into the Ventuz scene. Since the masks for the mapping could only be adjusted on site, a real-time tool was needed. STEINER's choice for jobs like this is Ventuz.


Live music accompanied the projection mapping show and served for full, immersive experience. 


IP Logo projected on a screen in the background building decorated with projection mapping