New tutorial series: Create Lower Thirds Easily with Ventuz & Adobe Photoshop

Our latest social media poll, indicated that 70% of you would like to see new tutorials. We didn’t miss a beat and are launching a new tutorial series on YouTube.

Our product specialist Dustin Rochford will show you how to import Photoshop layers into Ventuz and turn them into animated lower thirds with a few simple steps.

In future episodes, you’ll learn how to use the 2D and 3D tools in Ventuz to animate and add effects with even greater flexibility. One of the episodes will cover data integration, allowing you to replace names, titles and other components of the lower third using Excel or other external data sources, which is a great advantage, especially for live production.

You’ll find the first episode of our new series now on YouTube.

If you want to recreate Dustin’s scene yourself, you can download the corresponding files here.

Have fun!

Ventuz Tutorial | Episode 1 |

How to create a lower third with PSD layers in Ventuz?

In this tutorial, we will be learning how to prepare a lower third asset using Adobe Photoshop, importing that native PSD file into Ventuz Designer, and then animating it using the layers editor.

Ventuz Follow-Up |

Lower third tutorial with PSD layers in Ventuz

Our last tutorial “How to create a lower third with PSD layers in Ventuz?” led to a few great questions that we will be answering for you today!