Experience the power of Ventuz 7 and take your pixel generation and content distribution to the next level. Say goodbye to output limitations and hello to a world of endless possibilities.

Ventuz 7 brings new and exciting features that make real-time production easier and more efficient than ever before. Mix multiple resolutions, outputs, and orientations effortlessly from a single machine. With the ability to add multiple camera tracking or touch input devices, you can work faster and with greater flexibility.

And with Ventuz’ new “Cluster in a Box” technology, you save valuable rack space and money by using up to four (4)* synchronized GPUs per machine. Combined with redesigned workflows for display and configuration setup, Ventuz 7 simplifies the process of setting up real-time productions.

* Please note that Ventuz 7 licensing options (EXTIO, BC1, BC2, BCX) support two (2) GPUs per machine by default, a maximum of four (4) synced GPUs are feasible, but only on special request. Also keep in mind that GPU (Graphics Processing Units) gen-lock/sync is subject to the specs of your sync-board. We recommend consulting with us to ensure the best possible performance and compatibility.

Other features

>> Multiple GPUs per workstation

>> Multiple GPUs in a single system to expand the maximum number of displays

>> Combine on-screen and off-screen outputs

>> Mix orientation, resolution and pixel pitch by addressing each GPU output individually

>> Unlimited number of on-screen and off-screen render pipes

>> Instances of the same scene can be run on multiple outputs or pipes

>> Multiple touch devices can be used to control a single system

>> Multiple camera tracking devices can be connected to a single system

>> Visualize your project setup beforehand in its real-world appearance

>> Major improvements to our WebUI have streamlined the way in which you setup and control your Ventuz projects

>> The WebUI has been expanded to make the setup of multi display and outputs scenarios more flexible

To get the full overview of the new features, improvements and workflows that will come with Ventuz 7, please check our Release Notes.

Please also visit our Ventuz 7 landing page for more information.

Links from the video

>> Link to our Ventuz Release Notes

>> Link to our User Manual

>> Link to our Ventuz 7 Landing Page