Date: 1st April 2021
Location: Germany
ventuz new editions

The past year marked some big changes in Ventuz 16 years of existence with new products, new editions and the launch of our Online shop, Ventuz Portal.

New Ventuz Portal

With the Ventuz portal you have more control over your Ventuz products and licenses. The portal allows you to access and manage all of your Ventuz software services. Review your quotes, sales orders and licenses in one place. You can also create a license for Community and purchase Core products from the portal.

Ventuz Studio, simplifying Ventuz products

The key new product, Ventuz Studio, combines all our traditional software packages – Designer, Director and Runtime. Designer is the graphics authoring tool; Director provides full show control and Runtime is the real-time graphics playout engine – Ventuz Studio places all three into one convenient license. In parallel with this license package, two new editions were added to Ventuz product portfolio. The COMMUNITY Edition is a no-cost option for non-commercial use and the CORE Edition is a cost-effective option for commercial users.


Ventuz Community Edition is perfect for small companies, individuals and enthusiasts who are starting their Ventuz journey. Scenes created and saved in Community can be loaded into Core and Enterprise without any limitations. COMMUNITY edition has a configurable watermark on the rendered output which supports a maximum of 4k resolution, and a maximum of 500 Hierarchy primary nodes in your projects. COMMUNITY edition is available at no cost and is intended as a learning platform. It has cloud-based license authentication, and as such an active online connection is required during use.
Ventuz Core Edition is ideal for small to mid-sized projects as a feature rich solution for standalone systems running up to 4k resolution. Perfect for building single output streaming projects, digital signage kiosks, single machine projection mapping or 4K videowall projects. CORE Edition is file-compatible with COMMUNITY and ENTERPRISE editions, it can be a great solution for getting new creatives on board to contribute to your projects. Ventuz CORE is available in both Studio and Runtime licenses for deployment. Both CORE Studio and CORE Runtime have perpetual licenses with optional renewable maintenance to keep your versions up to date, and both options can be licensed either as floating internet-locked or dongle-locked, for maximum flexibility. Both COMMUNITY and CORE Editions can be ordered and downloaded from our Ventuz Portal online shop.


Ventuz ENTERPRISE edition is our full featured, powerful professional solution. The comprehensive feature set is perfect for professionals working on large-scale, multi-machine projects. With unlimited resolution, multiple output streams and machine clustering Enterprise meets the needs of the most demanding projects. Enterprise Studio includes Designer, Director and Runtime in one simple package. Enterprise also provides flexibility with the option to purchase individual licenses for Designer, Director and Runtime to match the needs your project.
A typical workflow for a large project could involve each Edition of Ventuz. You can start your project in any version and as your needs grow, move to more capable Ventuz Licenses – easing the work in collaborative and distributed production pipelines. For more information on Enterprise Studio purchasing options contact a friendly Ventuzian.
Review our feature comparison chart for more details and our full feature list for Ventuz Enterprise Studio is here.

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