Ventuz cranks it up with the release of Ventuz 6.11

Control your show using the newly added Director Companion integration! Create custom shortcuts for any Elgato Stream Deck to control Ventuz Director. Harness the power of Ventuz for virtual production and AR using our newly integrated FreeD camera tracking protocol. Integrate with the latest versions of Unreal Engine! Ventuz 6.11 now fully supports Unreal Engine 4.27.2 in addition to Unreal Engine 5 beta integration.  

Other features

>> Material merge when importing 3D assets has been optimized 

>> Added Mute Audio option to Web Browser node 

>> C# scripting now supports up to .NET Framework 4.8 

>> Improvements to HTTP node Response Body 

>> ClusterData node can now handle double-type values 

>> Directory node can now handle Ventuz scenes 

>> Updated emoji installer to v1.3 

Please check our Release Notes for more in-depth information.

Please also visit our Ventuz 6.11 landing page for more information.