Cliparts.TV uses Ventuz4 for interactive Game Shows

Date: 6th December 2013
Customer: Cliparts.TV
Market: Broadcast, Game Shows, Technology: Data Visualization, Interactive, Motion Graphics, Touch Screen

German game show experts announce their upgrade to the newest version of the Ventuz Software Suite.

German Game Show specialist Cliparts.TV has upgraded their workflow to Ventuz4, the newest release of the Ventuz Software Suite. Among the productions of Cliparts.TV are well known formats, such as Schlag den Raab, Fashion Hero, Das ist Spitze! and The Voice of Germany. 
“Ventuz4 brings with it a number of improvements regarding workflow and show control”, said Andreas Heinrich, CEO of Cliparts.TV. “Especially in terms of remoting Ventuz now offers functionalities that provide for more stability. The project data is much more easily accessible and the new template engine is marvelous.” In addition to improving their existing workflow, the new tool Ventuz Director will allow Cliparts.TV to venture into new markets, mainly the sports graphics sector.
The next big project that Cliparts.TV will be involved in is the much anticipated Millionärswahl of network ProSieben. Designed as a crossmedia format, Millionärswahl has contestants from many different areas compete against each other over one Million Euros. The catch: the contestants have to elect the millionaire from their own ranks, and nobody is allowed to vote for themselves. Cliparts.TV will provide in-studio installations and on-air graphics for the eight live episodes of Millionärswahl, which will be aired in January 2014.