Ventuz for Pro AV

Fashion Show Features Ventuz Powered Projection Mapping

Date: 20th December 2016
Agency: Xlab, Location: Prague
Event: Events
Technology: Projection Mapping

“Better to be sorry about what we have experienced than what we haven’t!” – quite the motto that fashion designer Natali Ruden chose for her fashion show on November 9th at the Boccaccio Bohemia Hotel in Prague. No wonder, then, that the event was turned into a multi-media experience with the help of the mapping capabilities of the Ventuz 5 software suite.

Agency XLAB created an explosive opener that was perfectly shaped onto the complex architectural structure of the neo-baroque building. The following fashion show was also enhanced with 3D backdrop graphics. Ventuz 5 was not only responsible for mapping the content onto the background surface, but was also used to create a majority of the 3D real-time graphics themselves, making it possible for Natali Ruden and her show producers to ask for adjustments until the last minutes before the show.