A history of the Porsche 911

Date: 21st September 2011
Customer: Porsche, Agency: Stereolize
Event: Presentations
Technology: Data Visualization, Graphic Design, Interactive, radarTouch, Touch Screen

It seems to be a friendship for life: yet again the German agency stereolize was asked to create a presentation for the launch of a new Porsche model.

On August 29th, 2011, German car manufacturer Porsche invited a selected group of journalists to their museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen to introduce the new model of the Porsche 911 to the world. In an intriguing presentation the experts explained everything about design and technology of this newest member of the Porsche family.

The presentation was displayed on a 4mm LED wall with a size of 8 by 4,7 meters. Random detail: that makes 2.35 million LED lamps. The presenters could choose between navigating through their content with a common clicker or the radarTOUCH, whichever they felt more comfortable with. The high-end design of car, presentation and the setting of the museum created a harmonious atmosphere.

We are again happy to have been a part of this and are looking forward to the next one.