Mapping show for a wedding in Prague

Date: 8th August 2011
Agency: Xlab, Location: Prague
Event: Events, wedding
Technology: Mapping show, Projection Mapping

Some folks really know how to celebrate!

For their phenomenal wedding in Prague this couple chose the finest in event technology the world has to offer: a mapping project!

The Troja Palace is a Baroque palace in the north-west of Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic. On July 9th this beautiful building and its surrounding gardens were used by an Indian couple to celebrate the greatest day of their lives – their wedding.

The highlight of the evening (next to the astoundingly beautiful bride, naturally) was a projection mapping on the facade of the palace. Our friends from xlab created a stunning video which was projected onto the building via 3 high-end projectors. In this case Ventuz was used as a media server, not only playing out the video but also serving for edge blending and the entire mapping. The size of this breathtaking project was 1000 square meters.

Our best wishes go out to the newlyweds!