VW Makes Design Concepts Shine at Paris Motor Show

Date: 1st December 2016, Location: Paris, Event: Presentations
Agency: Stereolize, Customer: VW
Technology: Graphic Design, Interactive, Touch Screen, Video Wall

Paris Motor Show is a chance for the big players in the automotive industry to present their strategy for the upcoming year. VW took this opportunity to present their design approach in the era of digitalization across all car brands. Since design was the topic, VW commissioned the Munich based agency Stereolize to create a high-end media presentation to accompany the speech of VW’s Head of Design Michael Mauer.

Stereolize chose their number one go-to software tool Ventuz and put together a design-heavy interactive presentation that visualized VW’s company goals not only through its information value, but also through its graphical layout and animations. In front of the LED backdrop, they installed a 2 meter multitouch glass panel which served as navigation interface for a portion of the presentation. In addition to this highly innovative concept, with Ventuz’s real-time capability Stereolize was able to impress VW on site, being able to quickly implement changes until the last minutes before the show.