Ventuz 6.12 is out and introduces a variety of great new features, and technical previews.

We have included our brand-new Vertex and Notch integrations. By using our newly developed Ventuz Extension API you can now create custom nodes and plug-ins. In addition, you can take advantage of the improvements to our VIO API to get graphics rendered from Ventuz into other applications.

Firstly, with Ventuz 6.12, we give you early access to our Vertex and Notch integrations, two very popular tools in our industry, each with their own strengths in different areas. However, for more detailed information on these fantastic integrations, please continue reading here.

Secondly, another highlight in this release are the enhancements to our SDK. With the brand new Ventuz Extension API you can now develop your own plug-ins and nodes to boost your Ventuz workflow. Furthermore, new capabilities of our Video Input/Output API (VIO) allow video streams to now be sent and received from Ventuz.

Other features

>> Open circle and cylinder primitives in the counterclockwise direction

>> The new String Array Analysis node allows you easy access to information about string arrays

>> We have updated the Math Module in our Particle System to now include the Sine Function

>> New button added to Ventuz Director for “All Out” which performs a Take-Out for all items on the current channel

>> New dissolve modes have been added to the Alpha, Spark, Scale, and Rotate text effect nodes

>> Directional lights can now have their light volume adjusted, which means you can cast light on desired objects

>> Our auto-save feature in Ventuz Designer no longer steals focus from other applications

Check our Release Notes for a full list of changes and enhancements.

Please also visit our Ventuz 6.12 landing page for more information.

Links from the video

>> Ventuz Extension API Repo: GitHub repository

>> Link to UM for Vertex Integration: How To use the Vertex Integration

>> Link to UM for Notch integration: How To Integrate Notch