Ventuz 6.12 is out and introduces a variety of great new features, and technical previews.

In Ventuz 6.12 we have included our brand-new Vertex and Notch integrations. Create custom nodes and plug-ins using our newly developed Ventuz Extension API. Take advantage of the improvements to our VIO API to get graphics rendered from Ventuz into other applications.

Other features

>> Circle and cylinder primitives can now be opened in the counterclockwise direction

>> New String Array Analysis node allows for easy access to information about string arrays

>> The Sine function has been added to the math module included as part of our particle system

>> Ventuz Director – All Out. This playlist item animates all out at a certain point in the queue

>> New dissolve modes have been added to the Alpha, Spark, Scale, and Rotate text effect nodes

>> Directional lights can now have their light volume adjusted. Only cast light on desired objects

>> The auto-save feature in Ventuz Designer no longer steals focus from other applications

Check our Release Notes for a full list of changes and enhancements.

Please also visit our Ventuz 6.12 landing page for more information.

Links from the video

>> Ventuz Extension API Repo: GitHub repository

>> Link to UM for Vertex Integration: How To use the Vertex Integration

>> Link to UM for Notch integration: How To Integrate Notch