Date: 21st December 2021
Customer: Raykite, Location: China
Technology: Data Visualization, Motion Graphics, Multi-display, Realtime, Ventuz installation

Big Data Visualization on a Massive Scale in the People’s Republic of China

Through RayData – a Ventuz version that focuses on data visualization, Raykite provides big data visual interaction management solutions to customers around the world.

Big Data Visualization in China - RayData Control Room

In the age of digitalization, economic correlations are becoming increasingly complex and can hardly be represented using conventional, two-dimensional methods. Back in 2011, Raykite, headquartered in Beijing (China), started to develop systems to address this problem and solve it in a visual way.

“RayKite applies Ventuz mainly to the field of big data visualization but combines digital art closely with the development of the industry and allows for a broader application”, says Steven Jiang, CTO of Raykite. “ As partners, Raykite and Ventuz have carried out many years of joint product research and development, which cumulates in impressive creative results.”

The company now operates branches in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Chengdu, as well as international offices in Dubai, Paris, Madrid, and Hong Kong. Strategic partnerships and investments with companies such as Tencent and Supermap are constantly expanding the company’s ability to tap into new data sources and improve its visualization capabilities. Although the company has several business lines, a dedicated team of more than 200 people is working constantly on the application of Ventuz in the field of big data visualization to tackle Big Data visualization on a massive scale in the People’s Republic of China and internationally .

Whether the challenge is to visualize and analyze tourism in remote areas of a country, identify water supply bottlenecks, monitor traffic flow, or citizen e-government requests in a metropolis, BigData and AI make it possible.  With the raise of smart devices such as cell phones, GPS trackers and IT-based control instruments for industrial plants, large amounts of data are collected every day, the analysis of which provides important insights into overarching processes. The key point is the right representation, as this is the only way to meaningfully link and evaluate the data in heat maps or other virtual visualizations to facilitate important decision-making.

Raykite provides a framework based on Ventuz Technology that can be used to create these visualizations. The ability to display 3D graphics in real time and to incorporate multiple data streams into graphics makes Ventuz an ideal partner for companies such as Raykite. After years of collaborative research and development with Ventuz, Raykite has developed RayData, a software product that is suitable for local use in China and the first product to apply Ventuz to the field of digital twins. Adoption of the product has been strong, with Raykite now working with companies and government organizations around the world to develop graphical solutions to analyze their data assets and thereby simplify complex management processes.

As a result, many industry-specific solutions have been implemented in recent years, facilitating customers’ development of such systems from scratch. RayData not only supplies the necessary logical solutions, but also takes care of the visualization with a large team of graphic artists and 3D designers. From a constantly growing pool of templates and 3D elements, the customer selects the ones that suit his needs and in the shortest possible time receives a system that enables a comprehensive and attractive visualization of his data.

The range of practical application is almost infinite. Raykite is constantly opening up new markets. Various projects for industrial customers and government organizations such as CCTV, CNPC, Digital Guangdong, SGCC and Jing’an District Government of Shanghai have been realized. Applications range from visualization and control of processes in industrial facilities and power plants, solutions for smart buildings, smart agriculture projects, data visualization for global crises such as COVID 19, but also large digital signage systems such as virtual navigation and occupancy maps for complete universities and conference centers.

Some examples of Raykite’s projects

  • Jing‘an District Government Affairs’ AI-Powered Brain

  • Jing‘an District Government Affairs’ AI-Powered Brain

  • Jing‘an District Government Affairs’ AI-Powered Brain

In recent years, Jing’an District of Shanghai has taken the construction of a smart government as a breakthrough point, actively exploring the use of a new generation of digital technology to build a fully connected, full scene and full intelligence “digital Jing’an”. The “Jing’an government brain” based on RayData is its core data mid-platform. The “Jing’an Government Brain” project focuses on the three basic elements of the city-population, law, people and land. It combines government governance experience with government data and social data, uses AI technology and big data analytics, and relies on intelligent business models to build a platform-based artificial intelligence center. The system provides support for 23 application scenarios for 11 government departments. It has five basic capabilities such as intelligent population prediction, planning, business operation, supervision and district situation.

Among the first batch of 12 artificial intelligence application scenarios presented, Raykite’s “Jing’an Government Brain” was selected. It uses advanced artificial intelligence technology to explore the deep intelligence of government business, promote more intimate livelihood services, highly accurate scientific planning and decision-making, an optimized business environment, accurate market supervision, and finer social governance. It builds a new system of intelligent government affairs, opens a new model of benefiting the people, and provides important leading experience for the innovation of AI driven government operations.

  • Jing‘an District Government Affairs’ AI-Powered Brain

  • Jing‘an District Government Affairs’ AI-Powered Brain

  • Jing‘an District Government Affairs’ AI-Powered Brain

China Media Group Mobile (CMG Mobile) is a comprehensive audio-visual new media platform launched by China Central Television (CCTV) based on new technologies such as 5G + 4K/8K + AI. It is also China’s first national 5G media platform. In terms of its technical architecture, CMG Mobile adopts the advanced design concept of “big mid-platform + small front desk”. It is not only the first to open the traditional media production link and physical space through Cloud as a Service, but also completely manages the sharing and interconnection of content data and user data in terms of technology and process. CCTV was the first mainstream media in China to build an intelligent 5G media mid-platform.

Data foreground visualization system

The RayData system combines the complex business architecture and operation data of CMG Mobile, conceptualizes the architecture, concretizes the content through 3D modeling and real-time data rendering, and creates a CMG Mobile front desk data visualization system. At the same time, it meets the visual needs of daily customer reporting, guest reception, exhibition promotion and operation analysis of relevant business personnel. The front desk data visualization system is mainly divided into three modules: The CMG Mobile ecological visualization large screen, the operation large screen and the operation ring screen, which display the ecological architecture and system capabilities of CMG Mobile in multiple dimensions.

Data mid-platform visualization system

The data support platform of CMG Mobile integrates technology and business. It can respond to demand, integrate resources, as well as to calculate and analyze data before warehousing it. The data support platform standardizes, summarizes, and integrates internal and external data, breaks down data barriers and provides data services. Based on the data support platform, RayData builds a data mid-platform visualization system for CMG Mobile. By accessing the data falling into the data warehouse in their proprietary cloud, it performs dynamic perception and all-round visual presentation, bringing different presentation experiences to the information stored on the data support platform.

China-Russia Eastern Gas Pipeline

The China-Russia Eastern Gas Pipeline is a “Head of State Project” between China and Russia and is referred to as the “Century Project of Sino-Russian Cooperation”. It is a world-class natural gas pipeline project and China’s pilot project for intelligent pipeline construction.

At the commissioning ceremony, RayData joined hands with Tencent Cloud to build a visual interactive management system for the northern section of the China-Russia Eastern Route based on digital twinning and real-time rendering technology, realizing real-time graphical visualization, scenario, and real-time data interaction. It comprehensively, centrally, and dynamically demonstrates intelligent management and control technologies such as station management, line management, process operation and equipment of the Eastern Route.

China-Russia Eastern Gas Pipeline

Driven by the actual needs of management planning of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, RayData has created a professional, practical, and exquisite big data visualization platform for the Bay Area. The concept consists of data spatialization, interaction and integration. In terms of the design concept for the system, RayData has built a large scenery of this “throughput world” using ultra-high precision digital scene construction capability and powerful real-time rendering technology, which realistically restores the topography and traffic roads of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao. At the same time, the system also innovatively uses “compass” interactive design to bring a unique and vivid interactive experience to the data management.

More projects realized with RayData/Ventuz can be seen on the Raykite YouTube channel or on the English version of their website.

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