Ventuz 5.1 – The First Major Update

Our real-time graphics content creation, authoring and playout control software Ventuz 5 has officially entered adulthood.


Ventuz 5.1 brings with it IP-based high-quality video transmission capabilities with the integration of the NDI protocol by Newtek. Additionally, you are now able to use Emojis in your text elements via an SVG rasterizer. And for more photorealistic real-time graphics, Ventuz 5.1 features Screen Space Ambient Occlusion. Want to know more? Click here! To download Ventuz 5.1, follow this link.

Ventuz is designed for high-end audiovisual content production including interactive presentations and events, video walls, on-air broadcast graphics and in-studio lighting and staging. Ventuz combines robust stability and streamlined functionality that can be easily integrated into complex hardware and software systems.